For the small business or any company new to the internet we have a range of complete packages that allow you to have your web site on the internet quickly and with the minimum amount of effort. You can add on modules at the start or later on. If your business needs a more complex web site at Web Design Studio we can design a custom site for you. For all customers (if you wish) we supply links that allow you to see your web design progress through all stages enabling you to provide running feedback to us before your site goes live.

Having a web site is the first step – getting it noticed amongst millions of others is the next. Link popularity is part of the equation used by some search engines to rank your site and an active link building campaign should be included in every site“s marketing strategy. Basically improved ranking equals more customer enquiries. That is why even our starter package includes a link page with links. We can help you build your link popularity (on a cost per link basis) whether you buy a package, have a web site custom built or own an existing site.

Take control of your web site. Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to control elements of your web site from your own PC without any technical knowledge. If the market place changes you can adapt your web site accordingly (and save costs) without delay. We can supply content management systems, from a basic CMS for changing text on your web site, to a full administrative system for controlling almost every part of the site.

The rapid increase in internet shopping and ordering is well known. An e-commerce web site not only allows you to take advantage of this expanding market place but also helps to reduce administrative costs. Whether it be a cost effective “shop” added to your web site, an online booking system or a more complex ordering system we can meet your requirements. These e-commerce solutions are initially configured by ourselves then subsequently administered by you to provide full control over products, services and pricing.

If you are interested in our services please use our contact form and we will reply as quickly as possible.